Covid-19 Cases increase from last week

County Health Department (MCHD) continues to report the number of cases of Covid-19. The local Covid-19 hotline number is: 734-240-7860.
Locally and statewide, the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases continues to decline.
Current Figures
Latest figures available from the Monroe County Health Department are:
Friday, Feb. 26: 32 new cases.
Saturday, Feb. 27: 22 cases.
Sunday, Feb. 28: 9 cases
Monday, March 1: 25 cases.
Tuesday, March 2: 5 cases
Wednesday, March 3: 52 cases
Thursday, March 4: 24 cases.
In Monroe County there was a cumulative total of 8,644 confirmed cases (137 more than the previous week) and another 144 “active probable” cases. The number of recovered cases was unavailable.
There have been 188 Covid deaths (94 males, 94 females) in the county (three more than last week).
According to the State, Monroe County has distributed 13,225 vaccines so far.
Individuals are reminded to prevent the spread of the virus by: wearing masks; frequently washing hands; using hand sanitizer; keeping a social distance; limiting attendance at large gatherings or community events.
Latest figures from the State of Michigan, as of Thursday, Feb. 25: In Michigan, there are 593,279 total confirmed cases. There were 15,600 confirmed Covid-19 deaths. Statewide, the case fatality rate to Covid-19 has been at 2.6% for several weeks. The state further reports there have been a total of 11,071,281 tests performed.
The State of Michigan reports 3,031,775 vaccines have been distributed; with 24,095 distributed to Monroe County.
Anyone who has tested positive for the virus, or has been identified as a close contact to a positive case is told to:
• Isolate for at least 10 days; and
• Notify anyone you have been within six feet of for 15 minutes or more— starting 48 hours before your symptoms began— that they should quarantine for 14 days and monitor themselves for symptoms of the virus.